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A comprehensive free guide on monitoring your loft for pigeon disease and then effectively managing any threats that may present themselves in your pigeon loft. 

This skill is among one of the most valuable to a pigeon fancier as he can keep a close eye on his most treasured possessions. Pigeon disease is one of the leading causes of pigeon fanciers loosing interest in their lofts.

Go On! Keep the Passion Going!

So lets have a look at the ebook on pigeon disease we are giving away free here. Its not only centered around the most common and deadly pigeon diseases but also gives good direction on the most important factors in pigeon sport as a whole. Factors like, what would make a decent loft, the kinds of training your birds should be getting as well as the kinds of feed your birds should be eating.

So don’t think that this ebook is purely about pigeon disease,  its a very informative ebook and even covers valuable information like the full anatomy of a bird along with a good description of what a healthy bird would look like. When i say  ”full anatomy” i mean it! It actually goes into vivid details of how different systems such as the respiratory system work.   

This pigeon disease ebook is a worthwhile free download for you as an aspiring pigeon fancier. It covers all kinds of pigeon disease such as viral infections, protozoan infections and even bacterial infections. 

This pigeon disease eBook shares valuable information about racing pigeons not only about pigeon disease itself but also how to identify various kinds of  pigeon disease though valuable picture of birds with the pigeon diseases themselves as well as valuable preventative methods ensuring you have a happy healthy and strong loft free of pigeon disease at all times 

Pigeon Disease Comprehensive eBook  

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