On The Meaning Of Sin

Disagreeable experiences are the responses of a benevolent cosmos attempting to help some one recognize they have missed the mark in some manner or another earlier on. They provide
information allowing one to eventually rid themselves of error, and serve as course-correcting indications reorienting one towards their desired outcomes. Rebirth in inferno as the result of transgression therefore translates into being offered the instruments needed in order to shed light on wrongdoing, and the opportunity to gather incentives against committing the same faults in the future.

Any individual may attain liberation, or correction of error, at one time or another, and so can any group of people.

Some explanations of sin and hell could be ineffective and even worse misinformed, insofar as to go to the extent to which they depict the present, rather than a afterlife, isn’t clear.

By reinterpreting those orthodox ways of approaching the matter, one can use them to improve themselves, here and now.

This vocabulary hints at the redirection mechanism, which is basically the principle that hamartia triggers metanoia. That is to say, missing the mark creates the circumstances that will prompt the wrongdoer to repent, to understand that the mark was missed, and possibly how exactly it was missed. This automatism enables one to change their mind, and thus to avoid repeating mistakes.

Sin isn’t disobedience to a dogmatic code of conduct established by reputed infallible authorities, but instead encompasses actions that divert one from their intended objectives.

This applies to tangible deeds as well as to thought processes.

There are so many different ways to interpret religion that it has become normal to bring down the scale of what people interpret to be sin and what is normal.

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