46 Cheap Halloween Costumes

Growing tired of spending a fortune on the same Halloween costumes as all of the other kids?

Want your kids to be able to have some creativity and originality in their Halloween costumes?

This is very easy to do by simply purchasing “46 Cheap Halloween Costumes: How to Trick or Treat with Common Sense!” right now.

I am a mother of three who remembers Halloween costumes of my youth withjoy and reverence. This wasn’t because they were the most expensive or flashy costumes, but because they were made by me!

You can bring this kind of joy and excitement into your life and your kid’s lives by buying this book and making some cheap and easy Halloween costumes.

Do you want to continue to spend over $30 at Walmart and get the same old poor quality, cheap junk that will likely break before Halloween is over? Or, do you want to create a lasting Halloween memory out of items you already own or can buy for under $20?

I know my answer, what is yours?


Follow the link below to download a basic copy of the book.

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