How To Build Muscle Fast – The Anabolic Diet

Eat Right to Build Healthy Muscle Fast

Without the proper diet, you can’t expect to build the muscle that you want. It is not enough to know all muscle building exercises to be able to achieve your desired muscle mass. You have to also be particular about what goes in and out of your body. Your diet will support your bodybuilding methods. Here are some ways to ensure that you acquire the correct diet in you weight gain activity.

Get at least two times your body weight

For example, for every 100lbs (app. 45kg) that you weigh, you must eat a diet that will give you at least 100 up to 200 grams of protein so that you can be assured to obtain high muscle growth consistently. For those who are into full time bodybuilding, it is advised that you consume 2 to 3 times this formula in regards to protein.

Protein varieties should be considered

You should a have protein varieties to consider. One of which is red meat which is rich in protein although there are also alternatives like fish. Cottage cheese, soy, nuts, beans and rice are all rich in protein. On the other hand, these products have different kinds of amino acids which is why varieties are much, much better.

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Supplements are good

Other sources of protein can be taken in the form of supplements adding to the good quality proteins you should already have in your diet. Soy proteins and whey are some of the common examples. You have to make sure that when you incorporate these into your meals, you drink  alot of fluids buddy! Increased fluid intake is a must or else you will put unnecessary  strain your kidneys and/or liver . Drinking more fluids will be helpful in flushing out the negative effects of consuming high protein supplements.


If you are doing a strenuous routine, and don’t consume diet that is high in protein you will actually loose strengh and muscle mass.

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