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Find the answer to the question – how many weeks pregnant am I?

The earliest signs of pregnancy are the instinctive feeling of being pregnant. So to answer the question “how many weeks pregnant am I” is difficult as you would need the date of your last period. Many women know instinctively they are pregnant long before they experience any physical signs of being pregnant and might start to ask themselves, how many weeks pregnant am i?


To isolate one specific symptom and say that is the earliest sign of being pregnant would be difficult, most women experience a combination of symptoms so the answer the question of how many weeks pregnant am i is difficult. Many women say tender, full breasts were the first physical symptoms of being pregnant while many women only feel this at a later stage in their pregnancy. Another common early sign of being pregnant is inexplicable fatigue. This happens as a result of an influx of hormones in the body, some women may experience more unexplained headaches as a result of this as well. Abundant cervical mucus, frequent urination as well as cravings for certain foods and sensitivities to things like coffee, tea, tobacco alcohol, fatty foods, even certain odors are all early signs of being pregnant and driving the question how many weeks pregnant am i.

Nausea and a skipped period are obvious signs of early pregnant. At this stage you might want to take a home pregnancy test and  may ask yourself how many weeks pregnant am i.

Asking yourself – how many weeks pregnant am i?

If you have been asking how many weeks pregnant am i,  after getting a positive result from your home pregnancy test. A doctor will calculate your due date from the first day of your last menstrual period, so keep track of your menstrual cycles if you’re trying to fall pregnant. If you have not been keeping track of your cycles the best way to get an accurate answer to this question you will have to take a blood test at the doctor’s office.

And remember! Consult your doctor before taking prescription drugs and recreational drugs are definite no-nos during pregnancy or any time for that matter!

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